«Boguslavskyi zavod prodtovariv» LLC is a leading manufacturer of Ukrainian sweets under the TM Boguslavna, however, this is not the only direction of our activity. We are always open for partnership and cooperation.


For many years we have been successfully working with the Private label format, offering effective mechanisms for the production of goods according to individual customer requirements. We fruitfully cooperate with one of the leaders in Ukrainian retail, Fozzy Group, Metro Cash & Carry and Novus, we manufacture products for national brands (TM “Povna Chasha”, TM “Extra!”, TM “Rioba”, TM “Novus”) and foreign markets (TM “Dovgan” , products are exported to Germany).


For now we plan to expand the network of partners in Ukraine, as well as to enter the markets of the CIS countries and Europe. That is why we invite domestic and foreign distributors to fruitful cooperation.


In addition, TM Boguslavna actively works with large retail chains in Ukraine, such as Silpo, Fora, Fozzy, Novus, Auchan and others. We are happy to expand horizons and invite Ukrainian and foreign retail partners to cooperate.

Our partners receive:

  • Individual program of cooperation, because this approach guarantees the highest efficiency;
  • Impeccable quality of manufactured products (due to strict adherence to technological norms and standards, as well as the implemented quality and food safety management systems at the plant);
  • A wide range of products (today TM Boguslavna produces more than 30 types of sweets, including zephyr, oatmeal and butter cookies, muffins. You can see the full range of products here;
  • Efficient and, more importantly, prompt logistics (after all, our system has been worked out for years!)
  • Selection of containers for packaging (depending on the needs / wishes of the customer).


«Boguslavskyi zavod prodtovariv» LLC offers modern, proven packaging solutions for both wholesale and retail consignments of goods. Among the options are a box, flow-pack film, film + correx. The correct choice of packaging allows you to reduce sales costs, extend shelf life, maintain hygiene standards and track products in a way convenient for the partner.


We are glad to cooperate! Let’s give true pleasure together under the national flag! For more information and suggestions, please call or send by e-mail, indicated on the Contacts page.


We invite you to cooperation!


Product catalog at the link.