About company

Kiev land has always been famous for its culinary traditions. There was also one place on the picturesque banks of the Ros River, founded by Yaroslav the Wise, which has presented for Ukrainian some of the most beloved delicacies. As far as remote in 1845, a water mill started operating in Boguslav, and more than a hundred years later, in 1982, its building became the home for TM Boguslavna.


Years of tireless work on quality, love for own work and the desire to please consumers only with the best allowed TM Boguslavna to become one of the three leading manufacturers of zephyr and the five producers of oatmeal cookies in Ukraine.


Today the assortment of TM Boguslavna includes more than 30 items, including:

  • air-soft zephyr made on the basis of apple puree of own production;
  • unique mini-zephyr “Zephyryatka”;
  • taste of childhood – oatmeal cookies according to the classic recipe;
  • various in shape and taste butter cookies according to the classic recipe.


«Boguslavskyi zavod prodtovariv» LLC has more than 2,000 m2 of production space, modern technological lines (which are regularly upgraded) and more than 100 highly qualified employees in a team, including technologists, laboratory assistants, operators, packers, confectioners, technical workers, managers, accountants. All employees are provided with modern working conditions, opportunities for professional growth, proper wages and necessary social guarantees, because exactly the team is the greatest value of our company.


Our employees are constantly improving their qualifications, gaining new knowledge and applying it in practice that allowed «Boguslavskyi zavod prodtovariv» LLC reached high manufactory power, which contains for oatmeal cookies 10 tons per day, and for zephyr – more than 3 tons per day.


However, the main goal of our production is, above all, the impeccable quality of products. That is why, since 2008, the plant has implemented a quality management system DSTU ISO 9001-2001 and a food safety management system DSTU 4161-2003. Our main principle is the use of only selected ingredients, in particular our own Ukrainian raw materials, without synthetic dyes and additives.


The products of TM Boguslavna are sold in the supermarket chains Silpo, Fora, Fozzy, Trash, Auchan, Varus, Novus, Metro, Epicentr, MegaMarket, Salut, Pure, Wine World, as well as in wholesale and retail outlets. Also, products are exported to Italy, to the Baltic countries (Lidl supermarket chain). In addition, the «Boguslavskyi zavod prodtovariv» LLC has working mechanisms for the production of goods for private brands of retail trade networks in the Private Label format, which allows us to fully satisfy the individual requirements of the customer. An example of such a fruitful cooperation is the production of TM “Povna Chasha” and “Extra!” for one of the leaders of Ukrainian retail “Fozzy Group”.


The mission of TM Boguslavna is to give pleasure with the main emphasis: true pleasure has no limits, because it is born from love: for oneself, for others, for the whole world. Exactly this love has been being the driving force of our plant for over 30 years.


And the result is various types of confectionery, zephyr and cookies, marked by the love of large and small Ukrainian, as well as numerous awards in competitions and exhibitions.


TM Boguslavna does not stop at the desire to improve and become closer to those whom she values and loves – her consumers. That is why we are constantly working on expanding the assortment of sweets, finding new bright tastes, implementing new interesting ideas for the sake of joyful surprise, eyes closed from delight and a feeling of true pleasure that can be shared with the most dear ones.